Prayer of deliverance is a service for people who aren´t able to deal with their everyday life, they feel lost in their lives or they need help in spiritual warfare.  It is aimed to careful listening to life story of a person who asks for a prayer. On its bases we can answer to good news of Gospel in specific circumstances of his/her life, by power of personal decision and in the authority of Jesus Christ.

The way of deliverance is a WAY, a process. It isn´t a method /method doesn´t deliver us/ not even miracle formulas. The Holy Spirit sets us free. He invites us to the freedom from things which bind me or my family for long years. We often live on the other side of the door, which we haven´t opened yet and we even have no idea what God has prepared for us as God´s children.

The door of our heart as if had 5 lockers and we need all 5 keys to open it. God will not roll out the door, He waits for our free “yes”. Holy Spirit is an ointment which will lubricate those rusty locks.

Thanks to our friend Neal Lozano we have met “the service of deliverance”. We accompany people in the prayer to experience deliverance from oppression and inner bondages, to accept forgiveness and love, which were won by Jesus Christ. During the way to freedom we accompany on the basis of principles which are formed in Neal´s book Unbound. There are 5 basic keys on the way to the freedom:

1. Conversion and faith proclamation

Conversion is a change of thinking which leads to the change of life

2. Forgiveness

When we forgive, the bonds of bitterness and anger fall from us

3. Giving up deeds of our enemies

Each our sin is a turning away from our God and His love and at the same time standing on the side of enemy, who takes our sins as an invitation

4. Taking over authority

Every Christian has a share on death and resurrection of Jesus Christ by power of baptism

5. Father´s blessing

God desires to speak to our heart and reveal us that He is our Father.

More about the service of deliverance you can find in the book Unbound by Neal Lozano or in documentary film Way to the freedom.