The River of Life

is a fellowship of families, single people and consecrated Christians, which was created more than 30 years ago at the Redemptorist monastery in Podolínec. It cooperates with the religion order at folk missions and other forms of evangelization and gets a roofing in the Church, spiritual leading and human closeness. Now it has more than 60 adults and 48 children of fellowship members.


There´s a song sounding in our hearts and we desire to sing it out. Not from a big music talent, but from this desire the idea of open prayer meeting was born. Since 1996 its name „the first Sunday“  has impoverished.

The fact, that it´s not a band but the fellowship, can be felt in songs, which are sunk during prayers round the whole Slovakia. The last from seven albums of the River of Life „You create everything new“ reflects present time and brings hope of flowing out the God´s river in our country. 


Everybody, who has really met Jesus Christ at least once, has in himself a great desire to meet Him again and again and again until He comes in the glory. That´s why we go everywhere where it is possible: we come to Eucharist, to confession, we meet other believers, because where there are two or three in His name, he alone is among them. He is here with us, because He has promised it. He invites us to the celebration of Eucharist, where we call together with faith: “We preach your death, Lord, we confess your resurrection until you come in the glory!” We make known clearly, that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, but now He is alive, He is among us and will come in the glory. It is certainty, on which we want to build our life, our families, our homeland, even Europe.

One of the basic dimensions of our fellowship service is a mission activity. Cooperation of laymen and priests from redemptorist order brings fruit in many corners of Slovakia. In near future we will meet at these places…


Prayer of deliverance is a service for people who aren´t able to deal with their everyday life, they feel lost in their lives or they need help in spiritual warfare.  It is aimed to careful listening to life story of a person who asks for a prayer. On its bases we can answer to good news of Gospel in specific circumstances of his/her life, by power of personal decision and in the authority of Jesus Christ.


Interview with Bohumír Živčák

Interview with Bohumír Živčák, Lay Missionary and Oblate of the Congregation. He works with the Redemptorists from the Province Bratislava – Prague.The interview was created

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